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How to Get Smart Management App
What is my Smart Management App Password
Please contact support team if you have forgotten your App Login Credentials
How to Set Location
  • Step 01. Keep Digital Calendar SWITCHED OFF
  • Step 02. Start Mobile App on Android & Login with your username and password / First time user will have to register using mobile number and email ID for Future Support
  • Step 03. Once Mobile App is loaded, start the Digital Calendar "POWER ON"
  • Step 04. [set location] Click on Select Location , type your location (in case your location is not found select nearest known location), Select the location and Click on SET button, [it will give a popup to connect to WiFi Network of Digital Calendar, Click OK and network settings on your phone will open, Select Wifi Connection as PrimeDigital & Password as 123456789, Once Wifi connection is established with the Digital Calendar return to the Mobile App and Click on Set Location Button
  • How to set Time
    On Mobile App Home Screen, Click on Set Time, You will get two options,
  • (A) Set and Sync Time from Your Mobile
  • |OR|
  • (B) Manually Set Time.
  • Once time is selected click on SET TIME button.
  • [Wifi Connection Needed as above]
  • How to select my Calendar Style
    On Mobile App Home Screen Click on Sync Calendar, on the next screen click on Select Calendar and select your desired Tithi Style from Options available in drop down list, Click Sync Button
  • [Wifi Connection Needed as above]
  • How to Adjust Brightness
    Click on Settings Icon on Home Screen [bottom extreme right]
  • Select Brightness Level from 1 to 7 and click on Set Now Button
  • [Wifi Connection Needed as above]
  • How to Set Sleep & Wakeup
  • Click on Settings Icon on Home Screen [bottom extreme right]
  • Select Set Sleep Time Button.
  • Click on Select Display, and select any one of the following
  • Navkarshi Times + 5 Indicator LED
  • Mahurat Times + 7 Indicator LED
  • Running Time Now
  • Tithi & Date + Sud / Vad Indicator LED
  • Now Select time for Sleep (Please Make sure of AM or PM)
  • Now Select time for Wakeup (Please Make sure of AM or PM)
  • Repeat for Each Display and set times
  • [Wifi Connection Needed as above]
  • How to Remove Sleep & Wakeup Time
    Please follow same process as setting up sleep and wakeup time
  • to remove previous settings set Sleep and Wakeup time with 1 Minute difference
  • Ideal is Midnight 12:00 AM (00:00) as Sleep and 12.01 AM (00:01) as Wakeup time
  • [Wifi Connection Needed as above]
  • What to do if Digital Calendar shows wrong Tithi
    Please make sure you have Synced correct Tithi Style and is Up-to-date
    What to do if Digital Calendar Shows Wrong Calculations
    Please make sure you have selected your exact LOCATION, Digital Calendar works based on Selected Locations Geo Address
    What to do it Digital Calendar Shows Wrong Time
    Please update time using Mobile App, Recommended is to Sync Time with your Mobile Phone
    Why do my Digital Calendar shows 00:00 as time and wrong calculations when Powered Off and ON (While Power Loss or Manually Reset Digital Calendar)
    There is a Button Cell 3V battery in the back of Digital Calendar, Battery is either not connected Properly or is Dead, please replace the Batter and set time
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    • Phone: + 91 84520 31332
    • Phone: + 91 84520 31332
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